Fitness Classes


An hour class that will practice a variety of yoga postures and includes bodyweight movements, steps, bands, and more.

AGE: 18+yrs

TueJan 2-Feb 1310:30-11:15am$45/$55
ThuJan 4-Feb 1510:45-11:30am$45/$55
TueFeb 20-Mar 2610:30-11:15am$45/$55
ThuFeb 22-Mar 2810:45-11:30am$45/$55


Latin based rhythms with motivating music, unique moves and easy to follow combinations. This one-hour energetic workout will have you sweating in no time.

AGE: 18+yrs

ThuDec 14-Feb 157-8pm$60/$70
SatDec 16-Feb 178:30-9:30am$60/$70
ThuFeb 22-Mar 287-8pm$60/$70
SatFeb 24-Mar 308:30-9:30am$60/$70

Seniors in Motion

This class is for seniors of all fitness levels. We will incorporate elements of strength, balance, and cardio in each class. The option to remain in the chair will be given to those with need, but this class will have you up and moving as you are able.

AGE: 50+yrs

WedNov 1-Feb 79-10am$45/$55
WedFeb 14-Mar 279-10am$45/$55

Fit 45

Let’s get fit, lean and tone with this combination workout that blends cardio, light weights, floor work, and a focus on all major areas of your body. We’ll move to the rhythm of the music, doing each move on the beat, to keep us challenged and motivated! Bring your water bottle, and your own yoga mat and towel if you’d like (not required). This class is good for adults of all activity levels, as there are plenty of opportunities to modify moves to make them more challenging, or more accessible!

AGE: 18+yrs

TueJan 2-Feb 137:15-8pm$45/$55
TueFeb 20-Mar 267-7:45pm$45/$55

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that is being rediscovered here as a health exercise. This class brings the mind, body and spirit together with isometric, balance and leg strengthening exercises. Movements are executed slowly and precisely to learn proper body alignment. Our way to beat stress is through integrating slower breathing with more precise, aligned movement.

WedJan 3-Feb 147-8pm$60/$70
WedFeb 21-Mar 277-8pm$60/$70
WedApr 3-May 87-8pm$60/$70


Get lean without using dumbbells, barbells, or heavy machinery. Come strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, balance, and posture.

AGE: 18+yrs

FriDec 22-Mar 89:15-10am$65/$75
FriMar 15-May 39:15-10am$45/$55