Junior Kindergarten 2020-2021

Early Childhood Education Programs

Registration is open for 2020-2021 Program

Itasca Park District is dedicated to offering a safe and healthy learning environment for your child. To achieve that, we would like to update you on current changes we have made to our Early Childhood Education programs for the upcoming school year. As the COVID-19 situation continues, these plans are always subject to change. Please look over the information and decide which option is best for you and your child. Please email me which option you would like: include your child’s name and program.  All class options must meet the required minimum number of students in order to run. Your prompt response will help ensure that this will happen.

OPTION A: On-Site Program
This program will be offered on-site.

·         Junior Kindergarten 1: M/W/F 8:45-11:45 am

·         Junior Kindergarten 2: M/W/F 12:15-3:15 pm

Additional Program for OPTION A Only:  On-Site Enrichment Class
(Available for Junior Kindergarten and Preschool only)
You can add this in addition to Option A, for one additional on-site day. Our Enrichment Class may be selected by those who would like time for more learning opportunities or on-site time. Depending on class enrollment, this may be held at either the Rec Center or at Springbrook Nature Center. The additional day coordinates with and enhances the regular class curriculum.

·       -The JK Enrichment Class will be held on Thursdays from 12:30-3:30 pm.

·    OPTION B: Hybrid On-Site/Virtual Program

The hybrid program will have Junior Kindergarten students on-site two days per week and doing at- home learning one day. This will allow children to experience the benefits of in-person activities and interaction on a reduced number of days, and yet still complete the entire curriculum by including one day of at home learning. Preschool and Tiny Tikes children will have one on-site class per week and one day of at-home learning.

The on-site portion of the class will have a reduced number of students per room. JK and PS will be maxed at 14 and TT maxed at 12, in accordance with both health and educational guidelines.

The following class sessions will be offered:

·         Junior Kindergarten 1: M/W 8:45-11:45 am and one at-home session

·         Junior Kindergarten 2: M/W 12:15-3:15 pm and one at-home session


OPTION A On-site & OPTION B Hybrid Requirements and Guidelines
Per state regulations, masks will be required indoors except during snack time. Our outdoor time will be expanded to include year-round socially distanced activities as long as the weather is at least 20 degrees (the guidelines public schools traditionally follow), allowing children an opportunity to remove masks. The gym may be available to us for socially distanced activities on days when the weather prohibits outdoor activities.

Snacks will no longer be provided on a rotating basis. Each child will bring their own daily snack and drink.

Along with increased cleaning according to new guidelines, the following changes will be made inside our classrooms. Students will have an assigned seat each day. Children will be bringing their own small bag of required school supplies each day to avoid sharing items with others. Our traditional circle time activities will be modified so that children are physically distanced rather than seated side by side around the circle.

Parents will be allowed to bring their child into the building; however, they will not be allowed inside classrooms. Self-check health questionnaires will be done before children enter classrooms. Children with any noticeable health issues will not be allowed in class. Additional health screenings may be implemented if deemed necessary by the Park District or the State Guidelines.

Information about the virtual part of Option B is described below Option C.

OPTION C: Entirely Virtual Program

To replace the on-site portion of the class, videos will be recorded during select times throughout our class. They will be available the following day to be viewed by our at-home learners and their parents in the Private Facebook Group. Materials for each day’s activities will be available for parent pick up. At-home learners will also have access to the weekly pre-recorded video which all students choosing the hybrid option will see at the end of the week.

OPTION B Hybrid & OPTION C Virtual Program Outline
The virtual class day will be run in a manner similar to what we did very successfully in the spring. On the days that children are on-site, they will bring home a lesson plan, craft supply pieces, worksheets, etc. to be used for the day of at-home learning. Each Friday morning, a short, pre-recorded video from your child’s teacher will be available to be viewed by you and your child in a Private Facebook Group. The videos will show the project being made, learning activities, etc. The benefit to this format allows families to view the video and complete the work at their convenience. Many parents found this very helpful in trying to coordinate other family member’s school schedules as well as their own work schedule. In the event any circumstance would require the class or building to close, the on-site portion of the program would continue by using this same virtual format.

Feel free to contact Chris Carling at with any questions at chris@itascparkdistrict.co

Registration Requirements

  • First Payment (All Students)
  • Proof of Residency, i.e. Driver’s License or utility bill (Returning and New Students)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (All New Students)
  • School Physical (Due by October 15 for Jr. Kindergarten students new to our program and all Preschool students)   
  • There is a $75 cancellation fee for withdrawing from Junior Kindergarten.
  • A late payment or insufficient funds notice will result in a $25 fee.

Preschool Testimonial

  • "Itasca Park District's Preschool Program is incredibly beneficial to children's social development and keeps students on the path to kindergarten readiness"-Colleen Cline, Recreation Coordinator at NEDSRA

Junior Kindergarten (3 days)

Our Junior Kindergarten program provides excellent groundwork for Kindergarten and future learning. Using a theme-based curriculum, the class emphasizes alphabet recognition, phonics, and numbers. These skills are acquired through a variety of games, art, music, stories, science and cooking activities, along with daily small group work. The optional fourth and fifth day options extend the curriculum in a smaller group setting in order to provide more individualized attention in preparation for full day Kindergarten programs. The fourth and fifth days of the program are held at the Nature Center, which provides many opportunities for outdoor learning activities.

2020-2021 JK Schedule 

 Mon Wed, Fri  Sep 9-May 19  8:45-11:45 am 610103-01 
 Mon, Wed, Fri Sep 9-May 19   12:15-3:15 pm 610103-02

12:15 - 3:15 p.m.
12:15 - 3:15 p.m.

*There is a $75 cancellation fee for withdrawing from this class any time after you register.

**There is a $25 cancellation fee for withdrawing from this class any time after you register.

A late payment or insufficient funds notice will result in a $25 fee.

2020-2021 Payment Info

  Due at Reg: Res/Non-Res Plan 1 due Aug 10 Plan 2
8 Installments
Plan 1
Plan 2
Jr Kindergarten 3 day MWF* $180/$195 $1287/$1401 $180/$195 $1467/$1596 $1620/$1755
Jr Kindergarten 4th day TH** $93/$104 $587/$672 $93/$104 $680/$776 $837/$936