Nature Center 

Picnic Shelter, Campfire Ring & Classroom Rentals

Please fill out a Facility Rental Form and turn it in at the Itasca Rec Center to Chris Carling. We will work with you to schedule a date for your event.

The picnic shelter and/or campfire ring must be reserved no less than 2 weeks in advance, but not more than 3 months in advance. There is a 60 person maximum.
New Trails and Campfire Ring

Rental Applications

Other Information
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Village grounds.

Cooking & Fire
Please use only the grill and/or fire ring provided; the dumping of hot coals is prohibited.  All fires and coals must be extinguished and cold when the group leaves the facility.


The group is required to make sure the facility is clean when they leave and that no damage or defacing of property or vegetation in the surrounding area has occurred during their use of the facility.

The Nature Center will provide up to 6 picnic tables, a recycling container and/or garbage container for the picnic shelter, as requested.

Recreational Activities

It is understood that the group will use Nature Center facilities for passive recreational activities only.  Active recreational activities (e.g. softball or volleyball} are more appropriately done at Park District facilities and will not be allowed on Nature Center grounds.