Dog Obedience - New!

Through positive reinforcement, you will teach your dog not only the basic obedience
commands, but more importantly, how to be a well-socialized, calm dog with good
house manners. Individual problems will be addressed. Dogs must be at least three
months old to attend the class. Proof of Rabies, Parvo and DHL shots will be required
the first night of class. No dog will be allowed to stay without written proof. Ask your
veterinarian for a written statement. Dogs with fleas may not attend. (ER)

LOCATION: Iris Room/*Barking Lot Dog Park
INSTRUCTOR: Tammy Lundgren
MIN/MAX: 6/16
DEADLINE: Sat Jan 4, Sat Feb 15, Sat Apr 11

Yellow Lab 2019 WS 2020
Beginner Sat Jan 11-Feb 15 9:30-10:25 am $99/$109 340903-01
Intermediate Sat Jan 11-Feb 15Sept 4 10:30-12:25 am $99/$109 340903-02
Beginner Sat Feb 22-Mar 28 9:30-10:25 am $99/$109 340903-03
Intermediate Sat Feb 22-Mar 28 10:30-11:25 am $99/$109 340903-04
Beginner* Sat Apr 18-May 23 9:30-10:25 am $99/$109 440902-01
Intermediate* Sat Apr 18-May 23 10:30-11:25 am $99/$109 440902-02