Track & Field - Ages 7-10 yrs

This class will teach kids about track and field, one of the oldest sports that continues
to grow and is highlighted by the Olympics every 4 years. Boys and girls will learn the
jumping, running, and throwing skills involved in the sport of track and field. They will
practice sprints, relays, long-distance walking, running hurdles, long jump, discus
throw, and other track and field events as well as participate in a fun-filled SportsKids
track and field meet on the last day of the clinic. (DF)
AGE: 7-10 yrs

LOCATION: Washington Park
INSTRUCTOR: SportsKids Inc.    MIN/MAX: 6/20

Mon July 22-Aug 19
6-6:45 pm $41/$46 112117-01
Fri Sept 13-Oct 18 5:15-6 pm $49/$55 212111-01
LOCATION: Washington Park, Sept Session: Rec Center Gym      MIN/MAX: 6/20