Youth Tennis Lessons

(Co-Op)These lessons will use a skill-based approach to develop all aspects of an individual's tennis game. Innovative programs have been developed to accommodate a variety of ages, skill levels, and goals. Lake Park Head Tennis Coach Tim Martin will lead a staff of experienced coaches and players to improve athletes of all levels, ranging in skill from beginner to collegiate level. This program will combine skill development with games and match-play to give the students a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. (DF)

AGE: 5-14      

FEE: $48/$58
5-6 Sun Sep 16-Oct 7 10-11 am 222102-01
7-8 Sun Sep 16-Oct 7 10-11 am 222102-02
9-10 Sun Sep 16-Oct 7 11 am-12 pm 232102-03
11-14 Sun Sep 16-Oct 7 11 am-12 pm 232102-02
LOCATION:      Lake Park High School-West 500 W. Bryn Mawr, Roselle
INSTRUCTOR: Tim Martin, Lake Park H.S. Tennis Coach & Staff
MIN/MAX: 1/30