U6 Micro Soccer

Micro Soccer is a scaled-down version of the game of soccer specifically designed for
young children. Children will play 6 vs. 6 on a smaller soccer field. Coaches are
allowed on the field and no score is kept. This program is geared toward children who
have mastered Pee Wee Soccer, yet are not old enough to join the Itasca Inter-Village
Soccer League. Each team will practice a minimum of one day per week. Games will
be played each Saturday with surrounding Park Districts. Players need to wear shin
guards and bring a size three (3) ball to each practice and game. Please indicate on
your registration form if you are interested in coaching.
 *Fee includes uniform: jersey, shorts & socks. (DF)

AGE: 4-6 yrs
LOCATION: Peacock Park         
MIN/MAX: 10/20
Sat Sept 8-Oct 27 $69/$79 212101-01