Letter from the Board President

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Fall 2019 

In the last brochure I wrote about three large projects we have planned for this year.

In this letter I am going to update you on the developments.

When ItascaFest ended, and once the tents and tables were removed, we began the replacement of the parking lot at the Itasca Recreation & Fitness Center. As a reminder, there will be NO PARKING at the Recreation Center, but a new sidewalk is being installed from the Recreation Center to Benson School to allow our patrons to use their parking spaces during construction and other future designated events. The replacement will take place from July 22nd to September 6th.

The Barking Lot Dog Park opened with a howling success. It seems that every time I drive by there are dogs enjoying their park. The small dog lot will be receiving a cement slab at the entryway and bench added for parents to sit and watch their 4 legged kids. Also, a  new tunnel feature was added to the large dog lot.

In June, bids were opened for the new Itasca Waterpark Bathhouse.   Surprisingly and unfortunately, the bids came in higher than expected.  Staff recommended the project be delayed for an additional year, giving time to value engineer the project and reduce scope to bring the project back within budget.  All aspects of the project are being reviewed, with some as simple as relocating equipment and changing materials.  Watch for details this Winter and enjoy the Waterpark through Labor Day this year!    

Our staff submitted a funding request to our Itasca legislators for specific capital projects for a possible Illinois Capitol Bill. The bill was approved and staff believes the district will be receiving funding for artificial turf applications at Franzen, Benson, and Clayson Park Playgrounds. The turf will be similar to what is currently at Schiller, Country Club, and Washington Parks - containing several inches of soft padding, covered by the artificial turf.   

Even though it is the first day of summer, June 21, as I write this letter it does not seem like summer has arrived yet. Mother Nature has not been kind to us this year; let’s hope for an extended summer.

Thank you for your patronage of the Itasca Park District parks, programs, facilities, and special events.

Linda Aiani
President, Itasca Park District
Board of Commissioners