Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Note: Some classes may not be available year-round. View the Current Aerobics Schedule for more information about classes and times.

Class Descriptions

Itasca Group Fitness
  • 30 Minute Power-Total body fitness class in just 30 minutes. Five stations may include body weight movements, dumb bells, steps, bands, and more. (30 minutes)
  • Aqua Aerobics- This class consists of both cardio and strength moves in the water eliminating the impact on your body. A 1-hour class that Meet at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa Pool in the evenings and Itasca Waterpark during the day during summer. Please bring your own towel to class. (1 hour)
  • Boot Camp- This is a great way to get fit and lose body fat. You will work your heart and muscles by going from 1 exercise to the next for the entire hour. Boot Camp will include calisthenics like push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises at different intensities taking your body to a challenge. This class burns calories like crazy! (1 hour)
  • Core Commotion- This 45 minute class taught by Personal Trainer Tom Koziol is a Pilates inspired workout designed to increase core strength and endurance.
  • Fitness Cardio Circuit- Help increase your metabolism and burn fat alternating between short cardio segments and muscle building exercises. (1 hour)
  • Pilates-Get lean without using dumbbells, barbells, or heavy machines! Come strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, balance, and posture with Pilates.
  • PIYO-This class is a blend of Pilates and yoga set at a faster pace that adds more aerobic endurance. Expect to sweat and feel the burn! (1 hour)
  • Senior Fit 'n' Pump- Stay fit, healthy and flexible. Learn how to move and exercise correctly, while working your heart and increasing your strength without hurting your joints. (45 minutes)
  • Seniors in Motion - New! This class is for seniors of all fitness levels. We will incorporate elements of strength, balance, and cardio into each class. The option to remain in a chair will be given to those with need, but this class will have you up and moving as you are able!
  • Triple Threat- Cardio, strength and core interval training designed to help you get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time! (1 hour)
  • Yoga-Core- We have combined yoga asanas with core training to strengthen your whole inner being. (45 minutes)
  • Yoga-Romatherapy- A 45-minute class that will combine the art of aromatherapy with the practice of yoga postures. Begin your day with balance and energy. 
  • Zumba- The new fitness craze that fuses Latin-based rhythms with motivating music, unique moves and easy-to-follow combinations. This energetic workout will have you sweating in no time. Bring your enthusiasm and get ready to Zumba! (1 hour)
  • Zumba Gold-This class targets the largest growing segment of the population: baby
    boomers. It takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to
    suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting
    their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Zumba Gold is a dance-fitness
    class, and most of all fun! Come join the party! (45 minutes)