Soup, Salad & Scrabble

Scrabble, the classic crossword game, is full-on fun for friends and family. You can feel the excitement begin as soon as you rack up your letters, choose a great word, and hope to land on a triple-word score. Play the popular Scrabble game the classic way as you take on opponents head-to-head, for a challenging and fun time whether you're a beginner or an expert. Lunch of soup, salad, and dessert will be served. (ER)

AGE: 60+yrs
DAY: Wed
DATE: Oct 7 & Nov 4
TIME: 11am-1:30pm
FEE: $15 per month
CODE: 251006-01 OCT & 251006-02 NOV
DEADLINE: Mon Oct 5 & Mon Nov 2
MIN/MAX: 4/10