Itasca Waterpark 2020 FAQs


Updated 7/7/2020

Itasca Waterpark Screening Procedure

1. When is the Itasca Waterpark 2020 Season? 
The Itasca Waterpark will be open July 6th- August 2nd through Pre-Registration Only. No Walk-Ups will be permitted.    

2. Will the entire facility be operational?
No. The Main, Deep Water and Family Interactive pools will be the ONLY bodies of water operational.  The slides, diving boards, grass areas and concession stand will not be opened, nor deck furniture provided (patrons may bring their own).   

3. What are the hours for Public Swim?
Public Swim will be provided in daily time sessions: 50 patrons per session, per pool section and will REQUIRE Pre-Registration. Please check the website for each week’s schedule: Time in between public swim sessions will be used for sanitizing the facility. We ask that you please be patient as we do our best to allow a quality swimming experience while still enforcing current safety guidelines. 

4. What are the 3 designated “Pool Sections”?  
When pre-registering for your session, you will have a choice of day, time of session and which “Pool Section” you would like to use.  Please note, the “Pool Section” chosen is the pool section where you and your guests MUST remain for the entire session.  Patrons from different “Pool Sections” will not be allowed to co-mingle or switch sections.  The maximum number is patrons allowed in each section is 50.  

Section A: The North section of the Main Pool, including the zero depth entry area to 3 feet and first lane line with water ranging from 3.5 feet to 5 feet deep water. There will be limited play features operational.  

Section B: Zero Depth Family Interactive Pool – this section is an area surrounded by a separate fence.  The water ranges from zero-depth to 18 inches deep.  There will be limited play features operational.  

Section C:  The South section of the Main Pool, including 3 of the south farthest lane areas ranging 3.5 feet to 5 feet deep water and the deep water pool.  This section offers 1 lap lane for adults age 18 and over only.  There is a possibility the low dive may be opened during designated times TBD.   

*The Park District reserves the right to cancel or merge swim sections or time slots due to lack of enrollment.  If this decision is made, you will be contacted PRIOR to your session.  

5. Who can Pre-Register for Public Swim Sessions this summer?
At this time, only Residents of the Itasca Park District will be able to pre-register. The Park District reserves the right to open public swim sessions to non-residents the day before each session.  

6. How do I Pre-Register for a Public Swim Session?
Residents wishing to swim at the Itasca Waterpark will have to pre-register and pay $5 per person for the time slot they wish to swim on the day they wish to swim. Registration will be done on our website at and you must have an active household account.  

7. When does Pre-Registration Begin? 
The Itasca Park District will open public swim registration, at 10:00 am, the Wednesday prior to the Monday Week, for that full week.  For example, registration will begin on Wed, July 1 at 10:00 am for registration of Week 1: July 6th – 12th.  

8. Does everyone have to Pre-Register? 
Yes. With the limited number of spaces available for each timeslot, everyone who wishes to enter the facility will have to Pre-Register and pay the $5 entry fee. There will not be any age exemptions this year. *Please note, for the 2020 Season – EVERYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 14 years, MUST be accompanied by an adult age 18 years and over.  

9. How many patrons can I Pre-Register and how often?  
Week 1: The Itasca Park District asks that on the initial opening day of Public Swim Registration, each household limits themselves to no more than 1 session per day and no more than 3 swim session per week for each household member.  48 hours AFTER registration begins, households may purchase additional sessions, with no weekly limitations.    

Week 2: Beginning with Week 2, the Itasca Park District asks Resident Households to limit themselves to no more than 1 session per day for each household member with no weekly limitations at $5 per patron.  

Anything you sign up for will have to be paid for at the time of registration. No walkups will be allowed. Everyone must sign up through the registration system. The Park District reserves the right to revoke the ability to pre-register to any patrons not following registration guidelines.  

10. Will I be able to buy a pool pass for the 2020 Season? 
No. Due to the limited number of people that will be allowed to use the pool, we will not be able to have a pool pass option for the summer of 2020. 

11. I am a Non-Resident, can I register to swim this summer at the Itasca Waterpark?
If you are a non-resident to the Itasca Park District and you wish to book a public swim session, it is strongly recommended that you call 630-773-2257 and confirm that you have a current registered household in our registration system. Non-Residents will be able to register 2 Days prior to a swim session if there are available openings for $10 per person.      

12. What happens if I don’t show up for my registered pool time? What if there is inclement weather on the day I signed up? 
If the facility opens as scheduled, no refunds will be given for those who registered but chose not to attend. If there is inclement weather and the facility is unable to open, all who registered for that day will be given a credit to their Park District account for their pool fees. Decisions about opening and closing the facility will be at the sole discretion of the Park District staff. 

13. Do I have to wear a face covering while I am in the facility? 
Yes.  Patrons are required to be wearing a face covering as they enter/exit the facility, while using the locker-room/washrooms and whenever unable to be socially distanced from others.  Patrons do not have to wear a mask when they are in the water or when they are in their socially distanced group area on deck. 

***14.  Will patrons be screened prior to being given access into the facility?
Yes. The Illinois Department of Public Health is REQUIRING that all patrons be screened before entering the pool facility.  During your check-in, staff will ask each patron about COVID related symptoms/exposures and take a “non-contact” temperature.  Any patron answering yes to a question, or registering a temperature higher than 100.4 will be denied entrance and will not receive a refund.  This information will NOT be recorded, there will only be a record of an entrance or denied entrance for each patron.  (The full list of screening questions will be posted to the website once it is finalized.)    

15. How do I get into the pool on the day I have registered? 
Each Pool Section will be assigned a designated entrance/exit.  Please do NOT arrive more than 10 minutes PRIOR to your time slot and maintain socially distant. Itasca Waterpark staff will meet you there and have an up to date list of all patrons who have registered for each pool time slot. You will check in with the pool staff and receive a wrist band for each patron in your group. This wristband will show which pool you have registered to use and that you belong in the facility at that time. Once your group is in the facility, you will proceed to the deck area around the pool that you have chosen. While on deck you will be expected to keep 6ft of social distance from all other groups in your pool area. 

16. Will the deck furniture be available for use? 
No. The Park District will not be providing chairs on deck this year. All patrons wishing to have a chair to sit on will have to bring a portable folding chair with them from home.

17. Will I be able to bring in my own food and drink? 
Yes. We are allowing patrons to bring in their own food and drink this year. No large coolers and alcohol is prohibited in the Itasca Waterpark. You will be required to eat in your group’s designated deck area and away from the water.  The park district will have trash cans available on deck for you to dispose of your trash. You are expected to leave your deck area as you found it. 

18. Will lifejackets be available for my child who does not swim very well? 
No.  Normally we are happy to provide lifejackets for our patrons. Unfortunately this year anyone who wishes to have a lifejacket for their child will have to purchase a coast guard approved lifejacket and bring it to the facility with them. As a reminder, all children under the age of 8 have to be accompanied by someone 14 years or older wherever they go in the facility and must be in arms reach of that child at all times. 

19. Will there be a place to change and use the bathroom? 
Yes. The main bathhouse will be available for showering, changing and using the bathroom. Locker storage will not be available. All belongings will have to stay in your group area on deck. While using the bathhouse, patrons are expected to wear a face covering and keep social distance at all times. To cut down on the amount of patrons using indoor spaces at the same time, we recommend that patrons come to the facility showered and already in their bathing suits. If at all possible, it is also recommended that patrons change and shower at home at the conclusion of your swim time. Itasca Waterpark staff will be sanitizing the facility at least every two hours with a focus on high touch point areas such as door handles, shower buttons etc. 

20. How do I leave the facility at the end of my swim session? 
All patrons will be escorted through the same way they entered the facility.  We do ask that all patrons safely, but quickly exit the facility, so the next session can begin on time.  The Itasca Park District reserves the right to amend these rules and polices as needed. 

21. Will other Aquatic Programming be available?  
At this time, the Itasca Park District is working with the aquatic staff to determine what additional programs can be offered (competitive swim clinics, lessons, rentals).  These will be open to both residents and non-residents.  Please watch for additional details to be released.  

22.  Will Birthday Parties or Group Outings be available this summer?
No. Due to limited patrons being allowed during designated sessions, we are unable to offer these this summer.  

23.  Can I rent the pool for a private pool party this summer?  
Yes.  Private pool party rentals are available for groups of 50 or less.  Please understand that these will be only be approved if both the time and staff are available.  Please contact 630-773-2257 to request dates and times. 

If you have questions please contact: Alessandro Moraca at or Doug Sieder at 

Pool Layout 2020

When pre-registering for your session, you will have a choice of day, time of session and which “Pool Section” you would like to use.  Please note, the “Pool Section” chosen is the pool section where you and your guests MUST remain for the entire session. Patrons from different “Pool Sections” will not be allowed to
co-mingle or switch sections.  


Section A - Main Pool      
Zero Depth to 5 ft.    

Section B - Family Interactive Pool
Zero Depth to 18 in.

Section C – Well & Main Pool
3.5 ft. to 12.5 ft.

Time Slot Schedule

Monday – Friday, July 13th – 17th 
10:00 am-Noon: Section B = 50 Patrons Maximum
12:30 – 2:30 pm: Section A, B, C = 150 Patrons Maximum
3:00-5:00 pm: Section A, B, C = 150 Patrons Maximum

Saturday & Sunday, July 18th & 19th 
11:30-1:00pm: Section A, B, C = 150 Patrons Maximum
1:30-3:00pm: Section A, B, C = 150 Patrons Maximum
3:30-5:00pm Section A, B, C = 150 Patrons Maximum