Beauty & The Beast Lunch and Show Age 50+

Once upon a time on a bitter winter’s night, a young, selfish and vain prince finds a beggar woman asking for shelter. Disgusted by her appearance, he sends her away. The old woman transforms into a magical enchantress who places a curse upon the prince to appear as hideous on the outside as he is on the inside. Given a magical rose, he must learn to love and find love in return before the last petal drops, or he is doomed to remain a beast forever. But who could ever learn to love a beast? Be our guest this season and celebrate the power and wonder of theater that will thrill, entertain and amaze young and old alike. Lunch, show, and transportation to the Paramount in Aurora are included. (ER)

AGE: 50+yrs

LOCATION: Meet at Rec Center Lobby   MIN/MAX: 8/14

DEADLINE: Sun Dec 15

Wed Jan 15 10:45 am-5 pm $62 351001-01