Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that is being rediscovered here as a health
exercise. Time magazine called Tai Chi the perfect exercise in 2002. This class brings
the mind, body, and spirit together with isometric, balance, and leg strengthening
exercises. Movements are executed slowly and precisely to learn proper body alignment.
Our way to beat stress is through integrating slower breathing with more
precise, aligned movement. (BK)
Session 1                
Wed Nov 7-Dec 26 7-8 pm $55/$64 260404-02
Session 2                
Wed Jan 2-Feb 20 7-8 pm $55/$64 3604040-01
Wed Mar 6-Apr 24 7-8 pm $55/$64 460404-01
LOCATION:      Lounge             
MIN/MAX:         5/15