Pre-Camp & Post-Camp Fees

Summer Camp Pre-Camp & Post-Camp Fees
Before and After Care is available for campers for Camp Adventure, Camp Butterflies and Teen Travel Camp. A punch card system will be used.

Punches will be broken down by the half hour. The available hours are 7:30 - 9 a.m. and 4 - 6 p.m. The card is non-refundable. (KM)

Punch cards are available in different increments.
5-Hour Punch Card
10-Hour Punch Card
20-Hour Punch Card
$20 $40 $80
  1. The Nature Center building is open as of 7/26 but all trails, bridges & paths are closed.

    We ask for your patience and will update the public in Nature Center access as it changes. Thank You, Village of Itasca and Itasca Park District.
  2. Teen Travel Camp enjoying Starved Rock!

  3. Itasca Night Out: Tue Aug 1st 5pm at Waterpark-Free!

    Snacks, games, music, free raffle and Waterpark admission!
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