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              Itasca Park District is
              proud to be named a 
    2017 National Gold Medal WINNER!
  1. Mar 23
  2. Eggstreme Teen Night: Fri Mar 23 8pm free at the Washington Park! Candy, gift cards, etc.

    Ages 10-15 come and enjoy a night time Egg, candy and prize hunt!
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  1. Mar 24
  2. Spring Fling! Sat Mar 24 from 10:30a-12:30p at the Nature Center. Candy Hunts at 11a!

    Meet with the Bunny, enjoy candy hunts, crafts and treats!
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  3. Dissecting Owl Pellets: Sat Mar 24 at 2pm at the Nature Center for ages 5-12.

    Learn about the eating habits of owls living at the Nature Center. Kids will dissect pellets to figure out what their prey was.
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  1. Apr 4
  2. Late Night Catechism Show for ages 60+ Thu Apr 5. Deadline: Feb 5!

    Hilarious show: part Catechism class, part stand-up routine.
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  1. Apr 5
  2. Join After School Art Club: Thu Apr 5-26 from 4-5pm for 7-12 years at the Nat Center!

    Ms. Pam will teach techniques and lead exciting projects. Kids will learn about art in nature, two and three dimensional art, painting, drawing and more!
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