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              Itasca Park District is
              proud to be named a 
    2017 National Gold Medal WINNER!
  1. Sep 14
  2. A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical

    Two men in love with the same woman. Two cities swept up in revolution. One last chance for a man to redeem his wasted life and change the world. Based on Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities is a musical that focuses on the love triangle between young beauty Lucie Manette, French aristocrat Charles Darnay and drunken English cynic Sydney Carton - all caught in the clutches of the bloody French Revolution.
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  1. Sep 22
  2. Owl Pellets Class: Sat Sept 22nd at 2pm for ages 5+ years at the Nat Ctr. Fee: $7/$9 Register now.

    See live owls, dissect their pellets to determine what prey they eat.
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  3. Dissecting Owl Pellets: Sat Sep 22 at 2pm at the Nature Center for ages 5+.

    Dissect a pellet to figure out from the bones what the prey was.
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  1. Sep 28
  2. Teen Team Trivia: Fri Sep 28 6-8pm for 11-15 yrs Fee: $10/$15

    Bring friends, for pizza, soft drinks, and trivia challenge. Prizes will be awarded!
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